Give the opportunity to take advantage of the transition, which facilitating multi-changes in assets including generation report file.


Transition is disabled by default. To enable it, set settings as follow:


Defining your own transition requires adding transition object to the database. Actually we support following transitions: RELEASE-ASSET, LOAN-ASSET, RETURN-ASSET, CHANGE-HOSTNAME.

Each transition has default slug defined in settings. You don’t have to change anything in settings and use predefined slugs in transition definition objects.

To change slugs update settings variable eg.:

ASSETS_TRANSITIONS['SLUGS']['RELEASE'] = "your-custom-slug"

Default slugs:

  • release-asset - for RELEASE-ASSET transition
  • loan-asset - for LOAN-ASSET transition
  • return-asset - for RETURN-ASSET transition
  • change-chostname - for CHANGE-HOSTNAME transition

Actions available in transitions:

  • assign_loan_end_date - fill loan end date in form.
  • assign_owner - assign new user into assets.
  • assign_user - assign new owner into assets.
  • assign_warehouse - assign new warehouse into assets.
  • change_status - change status into defined in to_status Transition field.
  • change_hostname - change hostname with selected country code.
  • release_report - generate release report file.
  • return_report - generate return report file.
  • unassign_licences - remove all licences assigned into assets.
  • unassign_loan_end_date - clear loan end date field in assets.
  • unassign_owner - remove owner assigned into assets.
  • unassign_user - remove user assigned into assets.


To generate reports files, report template should be uploaded into ‘Report odt source’ model. Created model’s slug should be specified. or Created model should have specified slug. And configure INKPY module.

Slug definition per report may be overridden in settings file eg.:


You can use predefined slugs:

  • release-asset - for release asset transition
  • loan-asset - for loan asset transition
  • return-asset - for return asset transition
  • change-hostname - for manually change hostname country

Reports locale

Reports generation uses Django’s LANGUAGE_CODE setting, however there is an option to changed that. You can force locale only for reports by setting GENERATED_DOCS_LOCALE in django’s settings, eg:


If so, all generated reports will have polish locale.

Multilanguage support


Multilanguage support introduced with version 2.5.0 of ralph_assets.

For transition:

  • release-asset
  • loan-asset
  • return-asset

you can attach diffrent template for configured language. Configuration is very simple, see the structure below:

    'choices': (
        ('en', 'English'),
        ('pl', 'Polish'),
    'default': 'en',

Values choices and default are mandatory.

Now in Change report odt source (admin section) you can upload ODT templates for each predefined language.


Post transition signal

The transition feature sends post transition signal. Arguments defined by the signal are:

  • user - signed in user executing transition,
  • assets - assets used in transition,
  • transition - tranistion which is executed.

This is an example of the signal receiver:

import django.dispatch
from ralph_assets import signals

def post_transition_handler(sender, user, assets, transition, **kwargs):