Imagine such case... You’ve got Ralph application with many assets, your company is expanding and new departments are rising. There is a big chance that you would like to isolate assets access among the departments. You can do it. There is a feature called regions.

How to use it?

The Regions feature depends on two things:

  • region is assigned to Ralph user (one region or many regions),
  • region is assigned to asset (only one region).

If asset’s region and user’s region match, user see such asset. If asset’s region and user’s region does not match, user does not see such asset.

The assigning region to user (or asset) is done by Ralph forms.

Assigning region to asset

Region can be assigned to asset by regular asset’s form, like:


Assigning region to user

Region can be assigned to user by admin form, like:


Adding new region

If you would like to add new region, you can do it by admin form, like:


To avoid necessity of setting region on each user. There is a default region, called: “Default region”. You can easily change it by Ralph settings, like:

DEFAULT_REGION_NAME = 'my-custom-name-for-default-region'

The above description is about using regions with assets. This is not the only option. Regions also can be used with Supports and Licences as well. The way of using it is analogical to assets described above.