History module

This module observe any changes on registered models and use Django’s signals to detect changes on model. Field excluded from history (on default):

  • created,
  • modified,
  • invoice_date,
  • cache_version,
  • rght,
  • level,
  • lft,
  • tree_id,

You can change this list by overriding exclude_fields_from_history() method in model which is registered.

  • one history view for all models,
  • simple API,
  • stored information from all field types included ForeignKey and ManyToManyField,
  • bulk create for many changes,
  • based on Django’s content types.

Typical usage

Add HistoryMixin to model. That’s all.


Add to history:

from ralph_assets.history import History

changes = [
                'field_name': 'foo',
                'old_value': 123,
                'new_value': 321,
                'field_name': 'bar',
                'old_value': 'Lorem ips',
                'new_value': 'Lorem ipsum',
History.objects.log_changes(asset, user, changes)

Get history for concrete object:

from ralph_assets.history import History

history = History.objects.get_history_for_this_object(asset)