Change Log


  • [scrooge-api]: changed warehouse source from warehouse to datacenter


Released on April 23, 2015

New features

  • Added versioning to static files
  • Added configuration-url and visualization-url to edit asset view.
  • Small forms improvments. Added help texts to some fields.
  • Changed look and feel for support listing (Djid)
  • Change message in bulk edit location


Released on April 13, 2015

New features

  • Added Region feature to assets, liceces and supports.
  • Added location fields to data center asset: data-center, server-room, rack, position, slot, orientation, slot-number.
  • Added data center visualization.
  • Added support for Accessories.
  • Removed Ralph from requirements. Now Ralph requires ralph_assets.
  • Added quantity to assigned licences.
  • Added bulk edition for blade servers.
  • Added redirecting button to return-asset transition from backoffice bulk-edit and single edit.
  • Added datacenter filter to asset reports.

Minor improvements

  • Improved history mechanism.

  • Reduced SQL queries about 50% in Licence and Hardware list view,

  • Made AssetModel’s Category required.

  • Added purchase_order field to Asset model.

  • Seperated assets statuses for data center and back office.

  • Added department to DC’s search form.

  • Removed office info field from bulk edit.

  • Skip liquidated assets in Scrooge API.

  • API for supports for Scrooge.

  • Renamed rack field to rack_old.

  • Added new status ‘to deploy’ for Assets.

  • Changes in form fields:
    • New fields were added: hostname, service catalog name and management IP address. Now these fields can be displayed on Rack Visualisation view.
    • Added Region to assets bulk edit form & admin form.
    • Added Licence field to back-office bulkedit.
  • Mobile responsive version for asset editing.


  • Fixed soft-deleting feature on Licenses and Supports.
  • Sync parent also for blade servers - use slote_no instead position.
  • Fixed counting in ‘status - model’ report
  • Show Full history even when the object have empty history.
  • Running post_transition as an non-blocking.


Released on October 2, 2014

  • Added new fields service & environment to asset; both fields are synchronised with linked device from Ralph,
  • Improved API Scrooge,
  • Refactored history mechanism with many improvements (detect many-to-many & foreign-key changes),
  • Redesigned navigation, added mode switch in assets view,
  • Added new fields in search,
  • Added confirmation on leaving unsaved form,,
  • Redesigned report views & added new ones,
  • Changes in Ralph device linking algorithm,
  • Bugfixes.


Released on August 19, 2014

  • Assets in license forms are autocompleted by device’s hostname,
  • Added additional notes field to supports search,
  • Added popup with information about unsaved changes on the form,
  • UI improvement in reports,


Released on August 1, 2014

  • Added new reports feature,
  • New change-hostname transition,
  • Transitions send signals,
  • Updated documentation,
  • Updated api_ralph (assigned supports),
  • Expired information in support lookup,
  • Removed useless fields from BackOffice edit form,
  • Bugfix - wrong order in exported CSV in Assets,


Released on July 9, 2014

  • Added supports submodule
  • Added generate hostname feature
  • Added bulkedit in licences
  • Minor bugfixes


Released on June 13, 2014

  • Added asset id column to asset report


Released on June 6, 2014

  • Bugfix - slots field is not shown when model category is blade


Released on June 3, 2014

  • Bugfixes in API,
  • Bugfixes in,
  • Minor improvements in admin - Assets count column in model,
  • Minor improvement in API - full model resource,
  • Minor changes in model fields,
  • Minor field changes in forms,
  • Minor JS fixes,
  • Unittests improvements - use factory_boy


  • Preparing to release a stable version
  • New Licence module
  • Improvement in asset fields
  • Simple transitions
  • Bug fixes


  • Added warning logger with cores count from ralph and assets


  • Changed AssetModel schema. Now height_of_device is a float field
  • Added to AssetModel column named cores_count
  • Changed in api_pricing conditions for getting assets


  • Added Warehouse column to template bulk_edit file


  • Changed limit in sn field when add/edit new device
  • Visual grouping fields invoice_date and invoice_report when bulk edit assets
  • Added deprecation rate field to bulk edit assets
  • Added warehouse field to bulk edit assets


  • cores_count from Asset returns 0 instead of None


  • Add invoice date column to search table


  • Fix bulk edit autocomplete
  • Added 25 as default value of deprecation_rate
  • Created a method in API to retrieve warehouses
  • Added fields like venture_id, is_blade, cores_count, power_consumption, height_of_device and warehouse_id to get_assets API
  • Added fields like power_consumption and height_of_device to AssetModel model
  • Moved category from Asset model to AssetModel model
  • Added cores_count method as property to Asset model


  • fixes of Discovered column. Also it shows now on csv reports.


  • Improved the csv exporting system


  • Basing deprecation on invoice date instead of delivery date


  • Pricing api uses only devices that existed on given date
  • Pricing api can use forced deprecation


  • Merged the u_height and size attributes
  • Dynamically requiring ‘slots’ for blade categories
  • Fixed unit tests


Released on October 03, 2013

  • Added API for Ralph.
  • Required form fields are now labelled accordingly.
  • ralph_device_id get automatically cleaned when when Device linked to it gets deleted.
  • Added partial and exact searches to assets.
  • Unlinking assets from devices (and searching for unlinked assets) is now possible.
  • Added searching assets by ralph_device_id. Added option to create stock devices for unlinked assets.
  • Fixed creating assets with add part button.
  • Column department added to csv report in search DC assets.


Released on August 08, 2013

  • Added ajax autocomlation for Asset by barcode and/or sn.
  • Disabled admin deletetion for Assets.
  • Added link to the Pricing App.
  • Added field: last modification, asset_id to csv file.


  • initial release